At Amazing Grace Anglican Church we are first and foremost Christians. Anglican simply means; English... or English Christians. At Amazing Grace Anglican Church we are a mission parish of the Reformed Anglican Church.
Each Sunday, millions of Anglican Christians worldwide recite the Nicene Creed. This  Creed has been with us for over 16 centuries and affirms our faith Christians worldwide. We hold to "Sola Fide," which means "Only by Faith," and "Sola Scriptura," which is to say only those things that are taught by Scripture. 
Everyone participates in our worship in the readings. By practicing this ancient and traditional form of worship, we respect the work of the Holy Spirit throughout the ages.
what-we-believe.pngJESUS CHRIST is the unique Son of God, and the only way to the Father, and THE BIBLE is the Word of God, living and active in our lives.
Our community of faith is dedicated to serving the LORD JESUS CHRIST through worship, relevant preaching and teaching of God's Word, outreach and mission projects, and Christian fellowship.


Our approach to worship is rooted in the historic traditions of the first century church, yet remains colored with contemporary and fresh expressions, connecting with people's hearts and minds.

Our liturgy offers a unique blend of ancient and future that captures the imagination of society that is being shaped by the images of the media and internet. We actively draw from the best of our faith in ways designed to reach today's culture with the Gospel, leading people toward a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.

values-new.jpgMaking disciples who make disciples
Building Community through relationships
Sharing the transforming love of Jesus Christ
Applies the truth of Scripture to our daily lives
Authentic, diverse worship experience reflecting the essentials of faith
Equipping others for service to impact our culture and community with the Gospel